Monday, October 26, 2015

Vest Prototype

For me, this is all about the neckline. It's a collar that is not a collar. Just covering the back of the neck and then gracefully sloping down the fronts into a curve. It is a bit tricky to sew, or shall I say serge, but sewn with a regular sewing machine, it is easier.
Usually I begin with a muslin, and then make adjustments in it, tossing it out when I have determined the changes. In this case, I just made the bodice length, for fit.
Then onto the fabric I might actually wear. This ancient piece of faux indigo was the right amount, and so I began cutting. Unfortunately I didn't have enough for the long neck facing and had to find another fabric for that. No matter, it hardly shows.
Now that I have determined the fit and decided the length could better work shorter, I am ready to start getting creative.


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