Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Last Quilt of 2015

Hand dyed cottons and silks, fused, machine quilted, hand embroidered French knots. Mounted on painted wood panel. 12x12" $100 plus shipping. Email me. SOLD

Detail of the silks, so shimmery.

It's been a busy wet week here at Chez Johnson. Rain kept us indoors, much to the pups' dismay. But then weather has been horrible everywhere, and one doesn't have to shovel rain, so nevermind.
We have a guest staying for a while: my sister Brooke!
This is so fun for me, and we installed her in my studio. That meant clearing a space and finding new spots for lots of my stuff. Since this will be happening in our move, it is a good exercise in decluttering and finding out just exactly what I have, where.
It was actually quite easy to reconfigure half my studio and bring in a dresser, twin bed and chair/ottoman. And now she gets to use my many twin quilts, which is a bonus. No doggies allowed.
To prove that I could still work in that room, I got out my fabric, made this piece and then put all the fabric away as tho nothing had happened. Now you see it, now you don't.

This quilt began with my fave combo of colors, purple, orange and green. One can't go wrong with these. Add a little pink, red and yellow and zing, it all works.


  1. Thanks for the firework .... ;-)
    And alllllll those colourful posts through the year !
    All the best for 2016

  2. I look forward to and enjoy every one of your posts!! Thanks for contributing such wonderful color and inspiration in 2015 ~ ~ and I look forward to lots more!! I love the bubbles or bursts of bubbles on this one. Beautiful again and again. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, I saw this one and caught my breath! Beautiful! Too late....
    Happy New Year!

  4. Stunning - love the colours! Happy New Year!

  5. And isn't it a doozie! Love the colors and whimsical circles and dots. Julie

  6. What lovely last of the year quilt!
    the word CELEBRATE came to mind.
    Happy New Year 2016!