Saturday, January 2, 2016


My dear sister Brooke, who works at Joann's, gave me this set of containers, saying, "On Sale!!".
 Okay...but really, what will I use them for? I have lots of drawers filled with stuff, so I don't really need another place to put things. So what am I always scrambling to find? Hmm, I began to consider one or two items that could fill them.

 Rotary blades. I found these scattered in several places, which really surprised me. I had no idea I had so many multiple sets.

 All those rotary cutters! Gee Whiz!
Straight pins,  T-pins, safety pins, gee whiz.
Sewing machine needles, of all kinds, sizes and double, triple, ball point, embroidery, quilting. When was the last time I put a new needle in my machine? I keep thinking I must buy some new needles. Now I see I have plenty.
Double needles and triple needles are leftover from the days I taught machine embroidery. Can't say how long ago that was.
 Now I have everything all in one place and I am aware that I have more than enough of all these notions. Whoda thunk it?


  1. Yes a great idea - I have had a few containers like this for ages and have saved myself spending inordinate amounts of time hunting!!

  2. GREAT way to begin the new year!

  3. Wow- those are some great collections!
    I have a ton of needles (but change them a lot). I wish I could match your rotary cutting collection- then I wouldn't always need to change the decorative blades!

  4. It's funny how sewing notions multiply when you're not looking!

  5. LOL. When I cleaned up my garage I had three hammers and three tools for putting screens in windows. It's amazing what a little organization can do.

  6. Nicely done! I bought a similar stackable storage unit several years ago. It was for ornaments, but I took out some of the cardboard dividers and used it for zippers, trim, and lace. I did keep one divider and put smaller amounts of trim and lace in each of the compartments. The best part was it was marked down cheap after Christmas.