Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Deaccessioning Continues

Dearest Reader,
This weekend I have been having a wonderful time unpacking stored quilts, then photographing them and posting them to Etsy to find a new home. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me downsize my collection. I am so encouraged by your enthusiasm.
I really hope I have found all the containers of my quilts stored in all the places I stashed them in the house. I will continue to post more quilts in the coming week. 35 years worth of quilting! eek!
They have finally broken ground on our future house and we are giddy over the poured concrete footings. ha! I am imagining where everything will go in the new house and I further imagine myself standing in my all white kitchen looking at new art on the walls.
My washing machine had a shock absorber problem and I was unable to do laundry for 10 days. It finally got fixed yesterday and imagine my delight in now being able to wash clothes. Sigh. What a blessing.


  1. You are a hoot..... washing clothes.... that might be my chore for today. While I will miss the abundance of your green thumb I look forward to seeing you grab hold of a new house.

  2. I hope you saw this post today: http://www.accuquilt.com/blog/uncategorized/10-new-ways-to-hide-your-quilting-fabric/

  3. I got my quilt yesterday and it is already hanging. I love, love, love it. It definitely brightens my world. Thanks Melody. Judith from Paris, TN

  4. With selling many of your quilts you will have that much less to move! I was wondering how the new house was going. Footers are a good start!

  5. Just reading in our paper of your 'Snowmageddon' Mel - I hope you are warm and safe, and stay indoors until it's over.

  6. I have been following you, I thought faithfully, but was surprised when you mentioned moving again! New construction, eh? Exciting! Wondering what kind of yard you will have, and looking forward to finding out.

  7. Amazing how much we miss our appliances when we can't use them. I was in a similar predicament not so long ago with my washer. Love the look of your quilts.