Thursday, January 14, 2016


1. to remove (an object) from the permanent collections of a museum, library, or similar repository, usu. through a sale or trade.
2. to clear out some of my work in order to prepare for downsizing to a smaller studio/storage closet.

I've been very busy working through the quilts I have been storing, moving, storing and moving, storing and moving for years. Some have been given to my sister, and others were given to some other folks, but the mountain of quilts still seems overwhelming. So today, as a start, I bit off a small chunk and put 21 pieces in my  Etsy shop.
I will be deaccessioning even more work in the coming weeks. I am more interested in finding new homes for these pieces, than making a profit. If I am not storing so many quilts I feel that I'll have renewed enthusiasm to make more work, and of course I won't have to store them anymore!

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  1. Oh no...the link to your Etsy shop wasnt working....not sure if it's my computer or your link. :-(