Sunday, February 21, 2016

Planning to Plant

The weather has warmed up a bit, just enough to get my gardening juices flowing. I have a garden in our current home, already to plant, but of course I am thinking ahead to the new house. We won't have a back yard AT ALL. And the front yard is teeny, but we won't let that stop us. After visiting the property again today we decided to have a two raised bed gardens in the front, on either side of the stairs and front side walk. The space is only about 8x10' on either side. The existing earth is total hard clay, as we have had everywhere here in Tennessee, so raised beds are the only way to go.

We will again use concrete blocks.  Dave wants to paint them to match the brick trim on the house and I think that is a great idea. Two courses of the blocks stand 16" high, which is pretty good for our coral bark maple and the pink dogwood we intend to buy. And of course we plan to have flowers galore. So happy!


  1. The progress on the house is tremendous! Sounds like you will have enough garden to all least get your hands dirty, but not so much that it becomes a job keeping it up.

  2. I really like the choice you made about a straight porch and not the arches. It has a classy look. I am glad you will have a few inches of dirt to get your hands dirty....and less weeds!! Love seeing the "progress" pictures.

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  4. Exciting to see your home built. Haven't done that since we lived in California over 30 years ago. It was our first home. Love the look of your flower bed.