Saturday, February 20, 2016

What a week. . .

In past years on the blog (since 2004) I have blurted out all the details of our everyday life. But this week has been so up and down that I hardly know what to leave out and what to fill in.
Finally things have settled down and I'll do my best to hit the high points.

1. We have a new doctor for Dave who is super wonderful and has set up a great new procedure to administer meds to him thru a pump in his 'gut'. This requires surgery in Nashville at Vanderbilt. Fancy. Expensive. We'll wait until after the move for this.

2. I had a mammogram and was called back for a second look. Eek. Turned out to be nothing but a bad scan. I am FINE.

3. I had a blurry spot in my right eye and was sent to the ophthalmologist, for a consult. He said it might fix itself. I am to return in a couple of weeks. If it doesn't fix itself, the surgery is quick and 95% successful. Eek again.

4. We have been moving stuff into the garage in anticipation of downsizing, and yesterday Goodwill came and took our two old fart chairs and ottomans, a twin bed and mattress, a cabinet on wheels, a chest of drawers, a folding table, two bookcases, a lawn roller, three lawn chairs and an old golf bag and clubs. I didn't shed a tear.

5. I had our first walk-thru on the new house and the pics are here. It is so very exciting and it looks like we'll close at the end of March. So FAST!!!  My studio is wonderful and the big storage closet is going to fit everything I have so the space in the room will feel just as large as my current space.

Then of course, there is the move...I am not doing any heavy lifting this time. I swear. And I am promising myself to hire a cleaning crew to get this house ready for selling. O boy.

So Now...I have been knitting and trying to calm down and watching Fortitude on Amazon Prime.
Soooooo goood.


  1. Time to hire a moving company so you all can enjoy the new house. So excited for you all.

  2. Wow, Melody. That really was quite a week. I'm glad most of the "down" stuff turned out okay. Glad you are taking time to knit and calm, and I always enjoy checking out your video recommendations.

  3. The smell of wood in new construction is wonderful - especially when you aren't doing the work!! I think it is wonderful that you are able to do the slow purging and packing. Hiring the moving and cleaning is brilliant!!

  4. That was the week that was! Great title for the TV show and for your past seven day. Sorry to hear Dave is up for surgery after the move and thank goodness your mammogram was OK.
    Your house is moving along so quickly and loved the tour, looking forward to tour when finished!

  5. First off, I'm excited about the "Pump" for Dave... after reading all your posts talking about him having to take meds round the clock, this may be just the ticket to help him have a normal schedule! Next, so glad your second mammogram cleared up the "bad" one!
    The house shots are great... been a long time since I had a brand new house, and it's always exciting to watch it come together! Finally, I hope the move goes smoothly, and I can highly recommend movers for sure, not to mention cleaners! Can't wait to see pix when you are moved in!

  6. Thank you for twelve years of sharing your life with us! Seems like it was just yesterday that I was reading about your move from Chicago. Sorry to hear about the health things cropping up but glad that there seems to be a happy ending to them. As if getting ready to move wasn't enough!

  7. Wow, Melody! No wonder we haven't heard from you! Overall things have resolved pretty well though? Once the surgery is over hopefully Dave's quality of life will be enhanced ... Now let's pray your eye problem resolves itself. The house looks amazingly spacious and you've planned to so thoroughly. Now "Keep calm and carry on" is needed!

  8. First let me say, thank you for sharing your life, personal and creative. It has meant alot to me over the years. As you may remember, my husband, Jack also has PD. I can't wait to hear about an update on the pump! I hope it meets and exceeds expectations! I too, can't wait for you and Dave to be able to sleep through the night. Always sending happy, good luck thoughts your way. Beth F.

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