Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ikea Splurge

Cushions & Cushion Covers - IKEA: KLIPSK Bed tray IKEA#IKEACatalog2016: SVALSTA Nesting tables, set of 2 - white stain, - - IKEA: GRILLA Grill pan IKEA The handle can be folded down to save space when storing. Leaves appetizing grill stripes on the food.MALINDA Chair cushion IKEA Hook and loop fasteners keep the chair pad in place.FJÄDRAR Inner cushion IKEA The duck feather filling feels fluffy and gives your body excellent support.VINTERBÄR Fabric IKEAPILÖRT Fabric IKEAIKEA Rugs $129: TÅNUM Rug, flatwoven IKEA Handwoven by skilled craftspeople, and therefore unique.

We got it all in, altho it took some doing.
I got a living room rug, two coffee tables, lots of pillows stuffed with duck feathers, and fabric we cut ourselves from the self-service fabric dept. Plus, new cutting boards, a grill pan, breakfast in bed tables, a cotton blanket in black and white plaid, some chocolate, of course, two rag rug runners, red cushions for the new house kitchen stools, and two velveteen pillows.
And that's not including alllllll the things my sister Brooke bought!
The most hysterical thing she got was this fabric. Broccoli.
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  1. Nice score! I have been wanting to take a road trip to Ikea myself. I want some bookcases, but I need to measure my car to see if they will fit. Love the aqua siding! It is beautiful!

  2. Gotta love Ikea. How fun to shop for your new house. Judith P.

  3. So jealous! I love Ikea, but can't walk unaided any more. The one here in San Diego has a scooter, but I need someone to go with me, and my daughter thinks she's too good to go to Ikea....