Monday, March 21, 2016

The Garden is In

And Spring is in the air. Redbuds and pear blossoms herald the new season. Just in time for Sunday's open house. We have had a couple of showings last week and have learned how to clean up in a hurry. 
I am hoping the garden will be an irresistible clincher to the sale...and not an overwhelming task to a novice gardener. Actually this is the easiest garden I have ever planted. Mostly because it was all ready for me this year. No heavy lifting, no concrete blocks to move and not too many bags of soil to buy. Just plants, lots and lots of plants. What makes a great garden? Money! (but who's counting?)

 The mile long bed is filled: begonias, vinca, petunias, and in the cubbies, creeping phlox, and verbena. They're babies now, but they will become fully packed beauties in a couple of months.
Spreads rapidly to cover any open sunny spot.  Phlox subulata Blue: The first signs of leaves have appeared on the coral bark maple. 
And I have re-used my tomato cages as trellises for the annual hyacinth bean vines. Petunias and verbenas color up this bed, but there are also a few perennials hidden in here.

There will not be any tomatoes, green beans, peppers or squash in this garden. Sigh. But at least there will be basil.
The front bed is also planted, but the shade has kept most of the plants dormant. I confess I could not leave my hosta behind and scooped them up into pots last month, before they showed any signs of growth. Here the shoots are up and joined temporarily by pansies. We are taking the blue pots with us...all 21. eek.
 And one more shot from the back yard..the Celeste fig is the first to sprout leaves and would you believe, a tiny figlet too? Who knew?


  1. Ahhhhhh....Spring is such an amazing time of year! I have resisted buying flowers or sowing their seeds yet (I'm not selling a house!) but I have peas and scallions and carrots and spinach and lettuce coming up. Spinach is new for me this year. I looked at what I planted yesterday and realized it would probably yield about a cup of leaves, so I planted more! ;-D I'm hoping to go to the AQS Chattanooga show in the Fall. Will you be haivng an open house for all your dear blogging buddies???

  2. Nice flowers and such but I don't think cement blocks are the most appealing way to showcase all the loveliness. Hope it doesn't deter a potential sale.

  3. I love all your plantings--especially the red bud tree! I was my mom's favorite and I always think of her when I see them!

  4. I'm just being curious (and maybe you have previously explained): why are you moving from the house that you just recently built to another new home?

    1. see this post:

    2. Melody, you are so sweet to respond to my curiosity. Thank you.

  5. You go, Girl! Good luck on selling your home. The pictures are gorgeous, and I bet it will sell quickly. We are frantically ungrading and fixing up to do the same thing at the end of this month. However, unlike you, we don't have a new home to go to yet! Looking but not finding. Yikes!

  6. Hi, Melody - It has been a long time since I looked at your blog. As usual, it is beautiul. I haven't read all the posts, but when I have time I will catch up. You are inspirational, of course. You must be the most (busy??-) (motivated??) (energetic??) on this Earth. It is wonderful that someone is...... As always, keep up inspiring us all. Betty Cass from NH

  7. Well, if I weren't about2500 miles away, I'd sure want that house!