Monday, March 14, 2016

Staying out of the rain

5600 Seagrove Ln, Hixson, TN 37343 (MLS # 1242323) - Todd Henon Properties at Keller Williams Realty Greater Downtown Chattanooga:
The Studio Immaculata, which is so sterile (white, like my new house interiors will be) and at the same time, inviting. I am staying out of the rain today, not buying anymore plants for a while, and feeling like I must get back to being creative, in some way. So for inspiration I turn to Pinterest. Actually I start my day on Pinterest, and can sometimes lull myself into a nap with all the images crowding my brain and relaxing me into oblivion. But, I digress.
 :  Tony The PUG Johnson:
I love this pillow. But you know the chewer Tony would destroy it. But it could be a wall quilt design. 
And I am crazy about Jane Davies small works on panels. Collage, paint, paper. Ooooooooo. I have so much wall space to decorate and lots of 8x8" or 10x10" canvases all ready to use.  And then I came upon a pin of one of my own works which I made back in October of 2013. Looking at it now, I think...hmm, VERTICAL compositions!!!

OK I am loaded with ideas, and figure house hunters are gonna wait til after Easter to go house looking, so my studio can get messy in the meantime. Yay!


  1. I am looking for flooring.....what kind of product did you put down on the floor in this picture? Are you using the same product in the new house? I am looking at Coretex (this is not a commercial) but investigating what other people LOVE. Thanks

  2. I love small works hung together. There are so many possibilities! I want to make a bunch of smaller pieces for my crush series and sew them to canvas similar to what Lisa Call does. I hope to play around with this idea soon. Your studio looks so nice...

  3. Melanie, I was delighted to see this beautiful quilt once again on your blog! You created it especially for our home here in Sedona, and absolutely glows on the wall here. I wish you could hear all the comments it gathers - your ears would ring! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and wonderful spirit through your art.