Saturday, April 16, 2016

It's coming along

The gables are painted to match the siding, no more of that off-yellow primer, and the front door is Firecracker red, both inside and out. Vibrant against the all white interior.

Style Selections Natural Timber Ash Porcelain Floor Tile (Common: 8-in x 48-in; Actual: 7.72-in x 47.4-in) 
The floor tile in the bathrooms, is grey altho these two fotos make it look brownish. The planks are like a yard long. 
This week we had a walk-thru after the first coat of paint, just to check that everything was OK. It was, thank heaven. When we stood in the long narrow room adjacent to the main living area, we tried to figure out how we would use this as a TV room. It has four ceiling pot lights and a center light fixture, two high windows and three doors, two of which lead to the screened porch.
  Here is the open door to that room, from the main living area.
At home later, we changed our minds from this being the TV room to switching my studio to this smaller room and having the big master, as the 'family TV room' with couches and chairs, library and stereo. Making these changes now, made us sigh with relief. It makes sense to have this smaller room for my studio, with only the necessary furniture in it, and plenty of wonderful light and wall space. My big walk-in closet in the master will be full of the supplies, but out of the way. I will truly enjoy the clutter free space, even though it is smaller in dimensions, as only the essentials will reside there. For me, it is easy to imagine what will fit and work in the space. And of course, it is my duty to open the door for the dogs frequently and we assume they will inhabit the screened porch during nice weather. 
April is half over and the end of May is our closing date, so it is just a matter of weeks now. Woowoo!


  1. How exciting to see the rooms in three dimensions. It does change your perspective and can lead to repurposing. I know that you will make your new house work for you and look great too. Can't wait to see it after you move in. Judith In Paris TN

  2. Will you put a door in between your new studio and the bathroom? I think having the smaller room with the porch attached will be great for the puppies to be with you, but still not under foot. Can't wait to see it with all your furniture.

  3. How is it going with selling your home? Ours goes on the market Thursday, and I'm so worried it will take a long time to sell!