Tuesday, April 19, 2016

No Holes

 Since I discovered Command hooks and picture hanging strips, I have become committed to preventing holes in my walls. Starting with the design wall which I have moved from upstairs to my main level room, and again moved it from three different spots in the studio, leaving no holes to repair.
http://fibermania.blogspot.com/2014/02/design-wall-installation.html Fibermania: Design Wall Installation: Design wall anchors:
Moving forward with more ideas, this attractive metal hook holds four pounds. I may use these in my new bathrooms for towels, rather than a towel bar. Definitely in my kitchen for pot holders and maybe even for curtain rods.Command Large Metal Hook, 1 Hook, 2 Strips, MR13-SS: 17053BN Command(TM) Decorative HookHang Curtain Rods with Command Hooks!:  Two of these will definitely hold sheers on my windows.
But this is the Eureka moment for me. I am always trying to hang quilts without holes in the wall and this hook, attached at or near the ceiling will hold the fish line which is attached to the rod that holds my quilts. 
hang from ceiling- hook swings, holds half a pound each: The hook swings and can be positioned at a 90 degree angle from the ceiling, allowing for needed space when hanging a rod/quilt combo. Genius!


  1. Since you have a lot of experience with these, I have a question--do they work on textured walls? I had a problem with the first ones I tried, but I was not sure if it was because of the textured walls, or because the hooks I chose were too small for the weight of the picture. I love the idea of using them to hang quilts!!

  2. We are getting ready to move, and I've removed several of these Command hooks from my wall. A few had been up for years. None left any residue, but one or two showed a different shade of paint. Maybe they were not removed the last time the room was painted. Debby, unless the texture of the wall is overall flat and somewhat glossy, I don't think these hooks would work. But they do work on regular walls painted with flat paint.

  3. Debby, I have "orange peel" textured walls (painted with a satin finish) and the Command hooks work just fine. Maybe you just need a stronger size ....

  4. I love love love those beautiful quilts!