Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I've given up trying to keep my house 'perfect' for possible buyer viewings. Altho, I admit I am avoiding using the sparkling clean oven and cooktop, and relying on the slow cooker and electric frypan, the real pain lies in keeping my studio clean, ugh. NO MORE.

Last month my sister and I went to IKEA and I got fabric and tables and pillow forms and more stuff, and finally decided to make the pillows today. Yay! I didn't use the fabric I bought there however, instead I used some leftover plaid, cut from a too big bedspread. A nice heavy cotton which I have not found anywhere on a bolt, so using it made me happy. It is flanked by two premade pillows in velveteen from IKEA.
For the remaining two, I used a linen/rayon floral and some long zippers that were previously found on vinyl packages holding comforters.  Zippers have suddenly (to me) gotten crazy expensive and so I am eager to save good ones from otherwise superfluous packaging.
The pillow forms are called Fjardrar  and are filled with duck feathers and are 16x26".

OK, now the machine is warmed up and I think I'll keep playing.


  1. Love the zipper tip, not sure you meant to be giving us a tip though. I often reuse those zippered vinyl bags that comforters or sheets or things come in for project bags From now on I'm going to take the zipper out if I decide to pitch the bag in the trash! I've taken to haunting the craft/sewing section in second hand stores for zippers that I might use for crafts. Even they are not cheap, but better than Joann's.

  2. These are perfect. Hope your house sells quickly!

  3. What about using buttons instead? With enough of an overlap they work quite well. I sympathise with the whole "keep the house clean" thing - a gal can only stand a certain amount of that before she goes NUTS! I did a lot of microwaved meals when we were selling, and we ate out a lot!! That saved my sanity. Good luck with the sale process... we're all praying it's over fast.

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