Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The New Decor

Y'all know my love of color, but I am planning on a black and white based decor for the new house and that will be accented with colorful quilts and paintings on the walls. But wait...what about a black and white quilt? This just occurred to me today. I saw this pin on Pinterest (my daily addiction) and it looked so right in this setting.
black and white:  OK so that painting isn't exactly whammo! but it did give me pause, and made me consider making a black, white and gray composition. Not a painting, but a quilt. Recently on my trip to IKEA I got a bunch of new fabrics, and adding my black, white, and prints to this collection gives me a palette for new work.

5600 Seagrove Ln, Hixson, TN 37343 (MLS # 1242323) - Todd Henon Properties at Keller Williams Realty Greater Downtown Chattanooga:
We have these chairs, which we will arrange as sofa and loveseat in the new home. Pillows and throws will soften the white leather.
 Cushions & Cushion Covers - IKEA: Nate Berkus Home Decor Print Fabric- Ondine Paramount Onyx:
And there will be curtains instead of blinds, adding more pattern from this Nate Berkus fabric.
The builder sends these pictures of the progress so I am not driving over there daily, and the trim is now going in and painting is next. All white, including the floors which will be shiny white with two coats of polyurethane for protection from un-manicured pug nails.

Notice those two narrow windows on the right? The space in between is calling out to me to make something long and skinny to fit below them.
There will be touches of red, just so you know. Red pendant lamp shades.


  1. Very exciting!! I can't wait to see what you do. There was a model home here, that had all white interior with bright royal blue accents - it was SOOO pretty! Course, I could never do that, black furry doggie and white just doesn't work! :)

  2. Sooo exciting! Almost makes me want to move!

  3. So exciting, and I'm sure you know what you want, but Pugs shed, are you sure you want white floors? You'll be a slave to them...invest in a lot of Swiffers! The natural floors look so pretty now, but that's just me.

  4. Dear bmayer,
    hahahaha!!! As if I don't already know that pugs shed. They shed like crazy. My studio, bedrooms and bonus rooms in the current house are now white and they don't show the hair nearly as bad as the dark floors in the rest of the house. I am always surprised when I swiffer my rooms at how much fur is on the pad.

    1. Yeah, I realized I was "preachin' to the choir" with my "pugs shed" comment. When I was buying tile for my new bathroom shower I said to the salesperson, "I'm looking for tile that is hard water, mineral deposit, and soap scum colored" I found it....it had pretty striations. The installer wanted to put it horizontally, and I told him "Nope, vertically, so you cant readily see the soap or shampoo drips". I'm all about illusions, and not so much about cleaning! Bernie

  5. Like to see the progress Melody - you have way more energy than I do, more power to you....love the bike cart for the dawgs too. That would be dawgs taking man for a walk!

  6. Pleased you're posting the progress for us. Love the white chairs you have and yes why not a black and white quilt. Also love the floor!

  7. Do you mean white-washed (or is it lime-wash?) floor or total white? I kind of like the pale colour they are now, but whatever works for you and your furry darlings. Can't wait to see you in your new home.

  8. Ooh Ooh Ooh, so exciting! And yes, those long narrow windows are defining a space for some fabulous art!!!!

  9. I so enjoy your visits and updates and thinking "outloud" kind of sharing. You always spur my creativity and energy. And I could use more energy on a regular basis. It's fun to peek over your shoulder.

  10. I think using a black and white background for colorful quilts and accents is fabulous.

    But you might consider one room that is a burst of color (like red) in which you have all black and white accessories and a place for your black and white quilt.

  11. The colorful quilts look stunning, the white background and black line work really complements the room colors as well as the furniture’s. Curtains are also so nice instead of the blinds. Too many people have blinds and few have curtains that match their decor well. You have a talent for interior work well done, keep going, thanks for sharing.

    Cecilia Hammond @ Pro Active Residential