Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Garden 2016

Ah Spring! I got this pink dogwood last summer, reduced for clearance at Lowe's. Since it had already bloomed, I guess they figured no one would want it. ha! We waited all this time for the flowers to open and now aren't we happy, feeling like a smartypants for getting this beauty at half price.

The Coral Bark Maple branches are sooooo red and the leaves are limey green and bringing so much color into the garden. It is planted in a large pot and will be coming with us to the new garden. Not so the Dogwood... o well. 
 The figs are starting to leaf out and lo and behold are also showing fruit. Who knew? Remember that I dumped these trees into the vacant lot across the road, assuming they were dead after the first year, only to notice they had leafed out in the dump! So I got my trusty wheelbarrow and brought them back home to live again.
And live they did, growing five feet in one season. I enjoyed lots of figs too.

The first leaves of the hyacinth bean have appeared and I thought ahead and made use of my old tomato cages as supports for them. I plant this easy to grow flowering vine every year, since it is such a vibrant purple in the summer garden.

Hyacinth Bean Vine:
 These clematis were also dumping victims. The two vines were sprouting leaves a few weeks ago, and as I walked the dogs I noticed them and brought them back home. These may or may not be white or pink or red. We had several that didn't bloom the first year. We'll see. Hopefully we won't be here long enough to find out, but if we are at least we'll have the mystery solved.

Speaking of dogs, at Walmart we found this bike trailer and Dave wanted to get it for the pups. I thought he was nuts and that they would never sit still --together-- and let him ferry them around. But he was determined and patient and it worked! He got them into the thing, and happy to be passengers and with any luck, I'll get a photo or two to show. They looked so cute. A neighbor remarked that they were spoiled rotten, and I gotta agree. But in the city, we can use the bike lane and then take them with us to the various parks.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely spring blossoms and colors. We had 4 inches of snow here in western mass this morning,it looks like December in my yard! Julie