Monday, June 27, 2016

City Living

Today I had to drop off my car at the repair shop down the street, actually .08 miles down the street. I walked home. On the way I stopped at Niedlov's  bakery for a freshly baked loaf of six seed bread. That's for Dave and his toast.
I passed several galleries, and restaurants, and the big fire station, not to mention my pal Mary's loft, but it was way too early for a visit. This proximity to things makes me so happy.
Recently I scoured the internet to find a nearby hardware store so I wouldn't have to drive 15 minutes to Lowe's and Home Depot. I found a very helpful Ace hardware, and not too far after that, a Rite Aid and then a very nice Food City which will become my go-to grocery store. I could ride my bike if it weren't so darn hot.
Late last night I got an email from our realtor that I hadn't signed a document, which conveniently was sent via email for me to fill in and sign. He said "an agent has specifically requested the info on this document as they have someone very interested in your home" which gives me hope.
On this diet topic, which I promised I wouldn't be bringing up again until all the weight was lost, apparently I hit a nerve with several of you readers. I feel as tho we are all in this together, so that's another reason to feel good today. Let's do it Ladies!

One more good thing: You may recall that I have listed a bunch of my quilts on Etsy, prior to the move (at affordable prices) and yesterday one more sold.
A Different Palette | by Melody Johnson Quilts:
A Different Palette
I find this sale so encouraging and I'll be sending it out as soon as I can walk to the post office!


  1. As a fellow city dweller, I agree that the walking and biking one can do while enjoying "city living" is great! Since we moved to a small city we get out a lot more and find all the social and shopping activity very stimulating. An added benefit is that the extra steps this increased activity provides sure shows up on fitness trackers. The exercise app that now comes on iPhones works great as long as you have your phone with you, though Fitbit provides the most accurate count since you have it on all the time. I'm amazed at how many steps a walk to and from the library adds, for instance.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us in your blog, Melody. It's clear that you're going to fit right into your new environment.

  2. Hi Melody, Sunday I went to a gallery talk of a fellow artist in Zurich, Switzerland. She walks 15 min., takes a picture and walks back home. So her Daily Walks Series got started and is still going strong! She told, that taking pictures is her motivation to walk, otherwise she would have to many blank spaces! Some inspriation:

  3. Now you're cookin'! When I lived in CA, we were in a beautiful community that was very enjoyable to walk in. We're out in the boonies now, but in past years I have spent time walking... just seems like there is not enough time for it. But glad you are taking full advantage of being close enough to things, and the weather will cool down eventually for the bike rides. Fingers crossed that you get a bid on the house, and kudos on the sale of another quilt!