Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cool Ride

It was way below 70 degrees when I walked the dogs at 6:30, so I decided to change clothes and ride my bike for a tour of downtown before breakfast. Wha?
Who is this woman?
Such comfortable weather must be acknowledged and taken head on. I am a scaredy-rider and stay on the sidewalks which are wide and mostly pedestrian free, except at morning rush. But then the streets are way busier and I don't trust 'em not to run right into me, as I wobble along.
There are interesting places along Market Street like the Tennessee Stillhouse, and The Hot Chocolatier 
Chattanooga Choo Choo - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Across the street
And on the other side of the street is the Terminal Brewhouse and the famous Choo Choo hotel with several new bars/restaurants and even a comedy club.
ImageChattanooga Choo Choo - Chattanooga, TN, United States. View from the street with the two signs
But my destination was the Chattanooga Public Library, which I have yet to visit, as parking is either non-existent, or pay lots. But on my bike it only took 12 minutes of casual riding from my home. Of course it was too early to visit the interior, but I will, I know it. Across the street is my branch bank, and Warehouse Row,
Image result for chattanooga libraryExterior.jpg Which houses gorgeous shops that carry nothing I could afford (don't need anyway, sour grapes) like Anthropologie, and J Crew.
O the shoes!

So I logged in 20 minutes or so of riding and that means I have completed my exercise for the day, not counting another two dog walks.
What is next? I have no agenda at all. In fact I can't remember a day recently where nothing was expected of me! My new driver's license arrived yesterday and I registered to vote, got my car test over, and had the house cleaned for the last time. I know I want to get back to being creative, but haven't had a second to imagine what to make, or even what medium is calling me. I'm way behind on dreaming over Pinterest, so maybe I need to slow down and do nothing while I refocus.
Or just sit on the front porch and watch the construction on the new houses across the street. Cup of coffee here I come!


  1. Did you ever imagine you would have a day that you get to choose what to do, including doing nothing? People think that is what retirement is about. I would say you have retired from a "busy retirement" and can now totally relax and sip the coffee slowly!! Good for you and DH!!

  2. Hot Choclotier sounds like the place to go for me!