Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Busy Morning

Nothing really exciting, just necessary stuff is happening here. I gotta take my car in for its emissions test, and the 'gascap' light is on my dashboard. The repair guy did everything he could think of to unlight it, with no success. So Dave disconnected the battery, which turns off that pesky light for a while, perhaps, long enough to pass the test. The PT Cruiser is notorious for this fault.
And I am returning to the old house for the second try at getting it clean. The cleaning crew disappointed us on round one, and so I will expect better results this time, grrrr.
After today, I will feel SO MUCH LESS pressure.
And good news! We finally got our mailbox (from the builder) installed in our parkway. Hurray. Junk mail surely must be piling up at the P.O. for us all this past month. Can you believe we have been in the new house for a month already. Wow.
Yesterday I had two (scam artist) customers asking to buy art from me. I kinda knew it, but one has to go along until one is sure. Everything seemed good until I said Paypal/or deposit check and wait ten days to ship the art. Suddenly the emails stopped. ha!
Sweet cherries are 100 calories for 5.5 ozs. What a treat. Have a lovely day, y'all!
Yay!! I passed the emissions test and the house cleaners did a great finished job. WONDERFUL feeling. Hurray!


  1. Oh poo. Too bad. And people are so weird. Just do right, people!

  2. Good news on the car and the housecleaning. Hate those scammers! I responded once or twice to e-mails, but then realized all the e-mails had basically the same questions, leading me to become convinced they were bogus. I no longer even respond to them. My work is available at two on-line stores, and anyone there can buy thru them using Pay Pal. You've been there a month already? Wow! Time flies when you're havin' fun, doesn't it? ;-)