Saturday, June 18, 2016

I believe this is IT!

 The penultimate act in decorating the living room was to hang the artwork. The very last thing to add  are the new sheers I got yesterday at our speed-shop trip to IKEA. I had a list and since it is almost a two hour drive, we left at 8, right after walking and feeding the dogs. The window to return was short, 1:30 pm, but we made it, and with a carload of stuff.

 I was determined to replace our cream leather Poang chair cushions with the grey tweed fabric. Luck was with us and they were in stock. Yay!
And I wanted another set of those white nesting tables, but now they only had black, so OKAY, that will work too.
To make the living room fit together better, we moved one of the white chairs to the tv room.
We hung the new curtains above the wood trim, keeping the sheers on the inside tension rod to cover the window at night. No holes were drilled into the walls for anything we hung in the living/dining room. Command hooks and picture hanging strips. Yay!
There's always a dog in the picture, and that is Chumley on the new plastic runner, which works best for us. I got red and white ones for the kitchen and the screened porch entrance.
Tony likes a cushy perch. All those duck feather pillow inserts were on clearance and covers will be a sewing project in the near future.
Speaking of sewing, my worktable has rubber wheels and marks up my floor when I move it, which I do often. My solution was to put it on a plastic rug, again, something necessary for spills and doggie hair.

I managed to mount my design wall in the studio a few days ago, so it begins to feel like my space again. We brought the ceiling light from the old house to make it dazzlingly bright in here. For some time in the plan this was going to be the tv room, but of course that changed.

Outside my studio window, just yesterday they have moved the earth in preparation for another two or three homes.  I look forward to the new neighbor moving here, and her house blocking that hot southern exposure.

One of the most wonderful things so far is that I live so close to my friend Mary, and my sister works about 7 minutes from here and has dropped in several times. I couldn't be  happier with the company.


  1. Dear Melody, you are a wiz...Love everything (for the moment, I know it will be rotated) Nancy

  2. Love the gray much better than the cream color. Don't ya just love Command hooks???! No holes in my walls either. Love the colorful quilts on the walls. It's looking great :)

  3. It all looks so gorgeous and welcoming!! And the front of the house is wonderful!!!

  4. You sound so happy - 'nesting' is such a comforting process isn't it. And it's certainly looking like a "Mellody House" now!

  5. So everything is now settling into place and looking good!!! You sound to be very pleased indeed with your new home and the closeness of friends and family.