Sunday, June 19, 2016

Keeping you in the loop

Now that the dust has settled, more or less, I long for my routine to begin again. I used to blog almost everyday, and that focused me in some ways, and so I will add that to the morning rituals of dog walking and feeding and my Pinterest addiction.
Today I had several good things happen, none of which has an associated photo. O well, here they are.

#1. I found my checkbook which I had put away in a drawer so I wouldn't lose it. Weeks went by and I couldn't remember where that was. But today I had to fire up my sewing machine and there was the checkbook in my top thread drawer.

#2. The reason I needed to sew was to make a blackout curtain for my bedroom window. I have a bolt of Roc-Lon Rain No Stain and it occurred to me that a curtain rod pocket could be sewn in a length and hidden behind my curtains, blocking out the street lights which keep my room far from dark enough. Ta da! It worked perfectly and now I have even better daytime napping. A necessary thing, see #4.

#3. While looking for my checkbook, I found the application for my car tags, which are due on the 30th. If I mail them in now, I won't have to stand in line for hours in person. Yay!

#4. My husband did not kill himself on his bicycle, even tho we did end up in the ER for hours on Saturday night. Against my expressed wishes (wasted breath) he had to go on a bike ride at 11pm and by 1:30 he hit a curb and went over the handle bars and onto the ground with a great thud, landing on his favorite-previously-broken right shoulder. He walked his bike home in great pain for about a mile and woke me up at 3am, asking to be taken to the hospital. We only live 5 minutes (good thing) away and luckily the waiting room was nearly empty. Two hours later we got him x-rayed and two hours later he was discharged. Nothing broken. (I tried to sleep in a chair, to no avail.)
You'd think I'd be used to shenanigans like this, but since he no longer drives a car, I falsely believed crashes were a thing of the past. Wrongo Bozo.

So that's the news, and Monday is a new day. Hurray!


  1. I'm glad to hear Dave is OK and that he is enjoying riding his bike. Now that the summer is coming, he might be doing it late again, hopefully with better outcomes. It looks like your getting settled in just fine. Good luck with selling the old home. I love to read your blog.

  2. Gee, I have an adult son that sounds a lot like your husband (although he still drives). He has the family distinction of being in ER's in 3 different states, although he has only ever lived in one. Oh yeah, and he has gone by car, ambulance and helicopter. You have my sympathies. Glad Dave is OK and you are getting back on a routine.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you'll be blogging more! I've missed it. Glad, too, that Daves okay.

  4. Whew! Oh Dave!! I thought the outcome was going to be sssseeeerrrrious injury! I've been following the trials and tribulations (and delights) of your moving, and I've been loving hearing all about the exciting building process. Of course you haven't had time for blogging, but I'll be delighted when the creative juices, and the machine, are whirring again. I hope Dave isn't too sore today - but perhaps sore enough to make him think twice about midnight rides again!! ;-)

  5. The bike incident was so appropriate this morning! I have been asking my DH to get a bike and we could ride together (you must know I have had my bike for 15 years and road it once) - anyway today out of the blue he said he thought he'd get a bike. I said great and I will wear a helmet..... he pronounced that he wouldn't, but would wear a baseball cap. How do you fix stupidity?? It will be great to see your blogs more adds to the happiness of my day!!!