Thursday, June 23, 2016

Um. . .this just in. . .

 It may be early, but I have just finished hanging some art in the studio and making a quickie curtain for that lonely window. The fabric is a two yard piece from IKEA and I had one tension rod left which I could squeeze into the window and voila! it's covered, for now. This quilt was all ready to hang in the living room, but I ran out of space, so it will live above my sewing machines, and bring some sunshine into the room.
 A bunch of related pieces went up instantly on the design wall and no doubt will stay there until I get back to art making, MAYBE next week. Ooooooh I am so wanting to make something.
In the meantime, there is this mess to clear up before the party and breakfast is calling me.
Party food pictures will have to wait, since the food is wrapped or in plastic containers until later today when all will be assembled. I did have a great day of fixing goodies, and my sister came over and we sampled and adjusted seasonings to make it all fabulous. Can't wait til tonight.
Eeekk! What'll I wear?

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  1. I've probably said this before, but you inspire me. To take a nap. Where do you get the energy? Have a great party.