Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Party Menu

Instead of birthday cake I thought I would make Individual Key Lime PiesIndividual Frozen Key Lime Pies, no bake, easy, tart and sweet like the perfect key lime pie!:  
Frozen ahead of time, they will be the first thing I make today. Well, first thing is inaccurate. I have already been to the car repair place and the grocery store, as well as dog walking and feeding. Gotta get a jump on the day. My plan is lots of finger food, on the long counter, to be eaten with fingers, until dessert, anyway.
Here's the Menu:
Hummus on cucumber slices
Fruit Kabobs with strawberry, cantaloupe, grape, watermelon, pineapple and orange bits
Kielbasa chunks in jelly, which is way better than it sounds, and will be hot in the electric skillet
Mini tacos filled with frijoles refritos, homemade chorizo and cheese, served with salsa, sour cream and lots of my homemade guacamole
Spinach dip with parmesan croutons

Chicken Salad on Granny Smith slices
Salami cream cheese stacks with Kosher dill pickle
Roasted salted almonds
Some (or more) of these ideas came from Pinterest, but honestly when one goes to the link to find the recipe, these food bloggers make you wade through endless ads, more pictures than needed and lots of text, before you finally get to the recipe. Grrr. 
I'll take pictures as I cook today, to have something pretty to show tomorrow.  We'll see how many of these proposed dishes actually get made. #1 rule of blogging, Never predict what the day will bring.


  1. Great list.Sounds yummy!Have fun today!

  2. Thanks for the link to the key lime pies! I know what you mean about pinterest and trying to get to a recipe or a piece of information. You list sounds delicious! Have you ever made hummus with Goya black beans? I love black beans,just played around and made hummus with them. I drained the liquid from the black beans but kept it. I just added garlic from a jar, cilantro - from a tube, a bit of cumin, and a touch of salt. I threw it all in my Vita Mix and added a touch of olive oil and if it gets too thick use a bit of the saved liquid from the black beans. Have a fun party!

  3. Your menu sounds delicious and very ambitious!!! and it will be beautiful as well, I'm sure. I envy your lucky guests....

  4. I predict.....lots of fun.....

  5. Sounds delicious! I hope you have a FUN time with your friends.