Sunday, July 24, 2016

Copying Fashion #2

A classic look, slightly on the Oriental side, and so flattering on the body. I want one or more of these in my wardrobe. 
I had this pattern which I found at a garage sale years ago, but never made it because the smallest size was a 16. But since it is vintage, I examined the sizing chart again and decided this could work with a little adjusting. I wanted sleeves so those had to be drafted. What fabric? Hmm...I didn't want to experiment with any of my 'good' fabric so I dug out this really ancient cotton and used that.

It turned out just as I had hoped! Fits like a dream and the sleeves are a great addition. It is light enough to wear in this hot weather, over a short skirt, and in the fall, with a tee underneath, over slacks.
The inside has skinny ties, to hold the crossover in place and outside a nice long sash to tie in a bow.
The pattern has two longer versions and I think the knee length would be great in linen, which I have already. I can also see this in a lightweight knit, which would make it drape nicely. It was a really quick pattern to make, and most of it was done on the serger.


  1. I love this pattern you developed. I've been looking for one like it. My only concern is that it will gap open where it wraps at the neck. Is this a problem, and if not, did you do anything special to keep it high enough? Keep creating and thank you for sharing your ideas. - Judith

  2. One more question, please. Are the sleeves set in or did you extend a dolman sleeve? I can't tell if the pattern or yours are set in. Thanks.

  3. Great ajustments! Would love to see it on you. You really seem to love the Gudrun-Sjöden-Type of clothing.

  4. Love it! I might even think about trying something like that. I am lousy at sewing clothes, unless the pattern looks super easy to follow & fit. Look forward to seeing what else you do with that pattern.

  5. I would love to see this blouse on you. Love all the style of clothes you seem to prefer. Only wish you would show how they look on a real person, not a form :-) please?

  6. How can we order this pattern? Your pattern I mean not the simplicity one.