Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Yarn

Yeah... OK... I am a yarn hoarder...except I USE my yarn. I am especially interested in spun variegated yarns, because they have a long color change and can make a huge color impact while only using a single colorway. Of course I usually alternate the spun yarns with a solid or multi-dyed color. So nevermind.

I will be using these in my new Cardivest design. Here's the new stuff that just arrived.

Danube DK Candy Store.
Danube DK Tropical Parrot
 Danube DK Fog Bound
Danube DK Grand Canyon
 And for something different, a chunky yarn, to use with big needles. 

This is a dyed yarn, not spun variegated. But geesh, it was so beautiful and the name is Cherry Blueberry Lollipop. That got me.


  1. Are these yarn selections that you are going to make for yourself or for others? I love the Fog Bound!

  2. Beautiful yarns. Can't wait to see what new cardivest you create with them. Judith P.

  3. The names of all the yarns got me.... geez you bought A LOT of yarn.... and I feel bad about my couple of yards of new fabric here and there.....

  4. Such beautiful yarns! What a fun package to get!