Saturday, January 28, 2017

Vest Obsessed

Cardivest #3
Cascade Casablanca:59% Wool, 24% Silk, 17% Mohair
Super Fine Merino/Silk:50% Silk, 50% Merino $100 Email me. SOLD

 I decided to change the design of the back to more closely resemble the fronts. And the ease of fit at the hip is an added bonus. The yarn is really the star of this design, gradually shifting color and entertaining me as I knit. I have to get some new buttons today, as nothing in my button collection is just right for this vest.
I'll be looking for red buttons methinks. Not pink.

 The dimensions are 38" at the bust, 44" at the hip and 22" in length. 



  1. Yes, red-orange...or a mixture of green at the bottom changing through lime to yellow .... I wonder if that would be overdoing it? You are so clever Melody!

  2. I'm interested that the bust measurement is 6" less than the hip measurement. I was assuming that you were knitting a straight rectangle, but seems you must be decreasing from hem to armhole, yes? I have my eye on these to try one myself. . .

  3. Check my young friend from RI... She makes beautiful bamboo buttons

  4. Melody...are you selling the patterns?

    1. BJK, I plan on making a pattern website, since I have many free patterns floating around on my old and new blog. Stay tuned.

  5. As a fellow blogger AND crocheter, I feel compelled to ask you, where and how do you advertise your products? I have been having such a hard time selling my things, and I know it has everything to do with the advertising and promoting of my business. Do you self-promote, or do you use a company to do that for you?