Friday, June 16, 2017

Bosna #6 Quilting

Is this an unusual color scheme for me? You bet! Bosna #6, 58x65". Some of the fabric is my hand dyed cotton sateen, which has a satiny surface, showing the quilting better.


  1. Hi Melody--I agree with Kathy F. I miss the reports on Dave and the Dawgs. But, I also get it. I too, have followed you for years. And I like the subtleness of Bosna #6. I have one of your more subtle wall pieces and I love it! I also love your use of bright colors! You are the master and you rock the machine-quilting world too!! I go to your blog first thing every morning, so thank you for sharing your world with us. Many times, you have inspired me in my own work. Hugs to you!!

  2. Your quilting just blows my mind. What weight thread do you use to quilt? It looks very distinct, which could be as you say, due to the sateen, but even then it has such richness. Your design, fabric and piecing has always inspired, this is yet another jaw-dropper - thank you!

    1. My favorite thread is Sulky 30 wt. cotton, which is heavier than the normal 40 or 50 wt threads usually used for machine quilting. But I do include some 40 wt. poly, since I am quickly running out of my Sulky.

  3. at springtime it is very nice, summers i love the warm colors.

  4. Hello... Just found your site via Pinterest, love all your projects, just stunning this one, love it! Might I ask please, what is the machine you quilt on? Thank you, Ann in NC