Monday, June 19, 2017

"¿Qué Pasa?"

So what IS happening?
I read the comments and you are asking about Dave and the Dawgs...they're sleeping alot. When Dave is doing well, he is sleeping and when he isn't doing well he is in pain, so not much to say about that. I hide myself away in the sewing room, just quilting along, mesmerized by the moving needle and listening to NPR on the headphones to block out the machine drone.  I'm making up quilting designs as I go along and this quilt offers plenty of open space to doodle. The Bosna series is one I plan to continue, and someday I hope to have a bunch to offer for an exhibit. Big plans...ha! It's so good to have a project to work on that requires no angst.

 How 'bout photos of the garden? In front it is going mad for color. The Stargazers are short but the flowers are huge, while the gladiolas are tall and the flowers are short lived. The gaillardia did not disappoint and I am pleased at their continual blooming.
Thank heaven for nasturtiums which fill in the gaps and flourish even without much care.

I planted hyacinth beans against the trellis and just now they are starting to look enthusiastic and sending out climbing tendrils. The trellis is supported by sunken iron rods covered with PVC pipe and cable tied to the trellis, no nails involved. It stays up even in high winds.
The hosta are happy in their shade and this winter I will divide them and continue the bed along the house.

 We saw this bike wheel-daisy idea on Pinterest and Dave quickly mounted two of the five we had in the garage. The patio garden is doing so-so. Some plants are thriving while my peppers are wimpy. I guess it is not enough sun, for long enough. But the tomatoes have already ripened and I have loved eating those. Green beans too, but still kindy wimpy compared to our previous gardens. O well. 

 I bought a big potted Husky tomato plant and that has been producing continually while my bedded tomatoes are still green. I am patient. It's only June for heaven's sake! 
Our doggie fence didn't keep little Tony from jumping it and running down the alley. So we have to be out there with them to keep them safe and at home.
Life is calm and pretty darn satisfying. The last house in our  neighborhood was finished last week and the people moved in, so we are pretty much done with construction. Yay!!! There are condos being built one street over but they are far enough away to keep trucks from blocking our street. 


  1. Wonderful update! All that color makes me happy.

  2. Your garden is always such a treat to see! I have done very little in mine the past couple of years, but what I planted then is surviving and since I put some natural blooms in (penstemon mostly), I have had some nice sanctuaries for butterflies & bees.
    Sorry to hear Dave is having pain... I know very little about the symptoms of his condition. Sounds like it is definitely interfering with his quality of life, and I'm sure to yours as well. Good that you have your quilt studio and lots of projects/ideas to keep you in a good space. Enjoy!

  3. I love the color of your house. It's so pretty. :)

  4. Lots of colour with your quilting and the garden - looks like it's really growing well. It's good to hear about Dave and the dogs, I was another who was wondering how they all were, sorry to read that Dave isn't feeling too good.

  5. I'd wondered when you hadn't mentioned Dave for a while. Wishing him many good days, and you too. You might poo-poo your garden in comparison to the wonderful ones you've built before, but it looks pretty darned good to me! We're in bleak mid-winter here and everyone I know has a chest bug. I'm even home from school and that doesn't happen often. How I'd love some of your sun! Love the quilting you're playing with too!

  6. Love your gardens. Lottsa colors. Take good care of Dave. I'm sorry he sometimes isn't feeling well. When you're young and in good health you think that will last forever and it's quite a shock to find out otherwise. Good thing you have lots of interests.

  7. I think I like your gardens and beautiful quilts equally!