Monday, August 28, 2017


This is my long desired 30's quilt top which I have been sloooooowly sewing for the past ten days or so. It's quite an easy pattern and I am having no trouble putting it together, except for the UTTER BOREDOM it provides. You've heard of nap quilts, well working on this one makes me want a nap after only a few sections are added. There is no challenge and I know what comes next and after that and then more of the same. But today I am MAKING myself finish it and then putting it away until I can enjoy the process of quilting it. I do love the look of the 30's fabrics, and I invested in a set of 20 half yards to make this piece. I'll have lots of fabric left from doing this. 
 I began with a load of four patches and considered doing 16 patches, but went for the overall look above. The top will measure 52x80" and then I will maybe add a border. We'll see. 


  1. Everything you do is wonderful, but I'm with you on the boredom of "traditional" style quilt piecing. Would you be offended if I say I like the bottom layout better? If so, I wont mention it.....

  2. Dont worry, I agree, and had forgotten I had put those blocks on the wall early on. Good thing I usually photograph stuff as I go along. Nothing to keep me from doing a quilt like that in the future as I have plenty of 5" squares already cut and ready to make into 4-patches.

  3. I'm only just catching up on posts and love the 16 patch layout, strange to see you using these older style fabrics when we're used to your zingy brights.