Friday, August 18, 2017

Moons and Stars

What a week! After making 25 stars, I felt this wasn't enough, so I started making nine-patches. Then I decided that connecting them with little triangles would bow-tie everything together. But my thread cutter kept jamming up on my sewing machine, and the thread repeatedly came out of the needle every other seam so I got out my back-up machine and kept at it. But the loudness of the second machine was annoying awful. Both machines went into the repair shop and a couple of days later I NOW have two great working machines. But my car won't start! Arrgghh. I won't even mention the news of the week which accompanies my sewing. Double Arrgghh!

 The blocks are 8" finished, resulting in a top that is only 53"ish. Not big enough for my self-imposed rule of making tops at least 60" on a side. something will be added to increase the finished dimensions.
I am loving the scrappy look which is faked by cutting three inches off half yards and fat quarters which recently joined my stash. Lots of leftovers on my worktable. 


  1. i like the wonky star snowballs and scrappy look quilt top you made here!
    looks like you are having fun playing with fabrics !! summer fun for sure!!!

  2. I really like your quilt. The little corners are so cute and really do tie everything together.

  3. I really, really love this quilt!!! Scrappy, bright and light - what more could we ask for!

  4. Melody, I love the idea of combining nine-patch with wonky stars!! Your playfulness with your scraps (and fake scraps) always delights me. Keep it up and good work! I think about combinations like this but don't get much done. All packed up but the new-used house is not ready so I am living my life through your accomplishments. Mucho thanks!