Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Teaching Myself Stuff

 I've been busy trying out blocks that I always wanted to make. Wonky stars are one such block. Great idea to use up scraps, and since I rarely use white, I had plenty to cut up into 3" squares. You may not guess that I love 30's style quilts, ever since I was a guest at a house that had a bunch and the guest room where I stayed was decorated in that theme. So girly! 
Ditsy prints have suddenly appeared in my stash, but so far I haven't cut into them. Today may be the day!

And I saw this double Dresden and just had to try it out. This sample has some minor issues (low contrast for one) and I am considering making one in the 30's fabrics next...or soon...someday.

 While cleaning up my studio I decided to remove some fabrics (to the hall closet) that I never use and make room for a more organized color themed selection. And whaddya know, there is room for MORE, heehee.
But in the meantime, I am using up my scraps, since everything I make gives me more.


  1. Love those wonky stars! And that's a big stash too.

  2. Your wonky stars are so cheerful and I like it that the legs aren't too small that they disappear. I find the double Dresden to be cheerful, too.

  3. Very cheerful colors to be working with during this unsettling week.