Thursday, October 19, 2017

Church Banners

Gulp! I've been asked by our pastor's wife to make some banners for our sanctuary wall, right in front of the whole congregation! She and I are both new members (including the pastor) and who knows what she might have in mind, or what I might be getting myself into. Still, I am game and have gone up to the attic to bring out some previous work, as a starting point. She mentioned something yellow and blue to go with the yellow walls and blue rose window. Hmmm. I have YELLOW. This is an unquilted top which is at least 12 years old. 53x75" I am now confident enough to quilt it. Can you see this as "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God"? Or something else? It might be too too for the sanctuary, or not. 
This is pretty obvious, so it might work
and is quilted and all ready to hang.
This one is sold, but I could remake it larger and with more blue and yellow. 
Lollapalooza Log Cabin #2

 But what about this piece? "Lo, I am with you always?"
Of course there is no text on the piece, and I wonder if the idea comes across. It is also ready to hang, thus eliminating the fear of commissions, which I still have.
And then there is this piece which I made in 2006 and never quilted. Can this be its time? What scripture does it bring to mind, if any? It has lots of blue... Fishers of men?

unquilted top. Cruciform #4


  1. I think any of these would be marvelous on those walls. Just blue and yellow sounds really boring. (And I love both colors and their combinations).

  2. These all are so beautiful. They will bring a real spark to the walls. And I do think that something larger than the current banners will be more effective!

  3. Well.... I want some more FACTS ..... what are the size of the banners hanging there? and the size of the cross hanging there?? what ever goes there is going to have to "fit". Next thought .... that space does not look too "modern". Are folks going to scream with the modern look or are they going to go with the flow "for a while" anyway.

    What you have shown us is cool ..... two thoughts.... must be big enough to fit the space and colors deep enough to show on the space.... things too pale will be lost. Now were do my comments fit in an artistic format ? they don't - I am not artistic, but practical and practical comes first with a BIG change which is what this going to be.

    Keep us posted!!!!! this is going to be interesting.

  4. I LOVE all of those! Always thought they are very religious. - Should be interesting if the new pastors wife agrees. Does she know her church people? - Does the church have a website?

  5. Number one is the most dynamic with light flowing upward. Two seems more like a crossroads, no movement. Three also seems static. Four looks like Batman with cape. Five looks to me like a string of caught fish. Back to one, If the bottom yellow strip and below was removed and replaced with some darker blues, then I feel the central square of light would seeem like the shekinah glory of God in the tabernacle, radiating outward, symbolic of his presence with his people.

  6. Hmmmm. As you know Melody, I always love your pieces, and think any of them would be stunning, and fit the scriptures you've suggested perfectly.

    A suggestion from personal experience.... I was asked to do a humungous front wall hanging, and it had to sit either side of a very large cross. I made a real hash of it, and got it removed PDQ, because, although it looked fine all drawn to scale on an A1 page, colour and all, it just didn't work when blown up to the full size of that darned wall. It's so bad I wouldn't even post you a photo of it... fortunately photos don't post onto other people's blogs!! It really was a dismal FAIL!!

    If I had to do something like that again (Heavens Preserve Us!) I think I'd photograph the work and beg/borrow/steal a projector so I could actually SEE it, in full size, in position.

    I'm sure you'll absolutely Nail a 10/10 !!! Looking forward to watching the process.

  7. I find all of these to be FABULOUS!!!!!! The first & last ones are my picks, and I agree you won't know what really works on that wall and that light until it is up there...on a photography stand or something..
    All of your works are AMAZING!!!!!!!! Hope you will post the end result.

  8. I think all of these are wonderful-the colors would look amazing. Not sure if you think you have to make something new that is bigger, or can you use any of these?

  9. Gosh I love your work. Good luck with the church dilemma.

  10. I agree that commissions are scary. What I would do is take all of these to the sanctuary and have a meeting with the pastor's wife. They don't have to be done--just suggestions of color and designs. You two could take turns holding the various pieces up and see how it looks and you two could brainstorm about what might work. You two could measure on the walls for an appropriate size, too. This way, it involves another person to bounce things off of. Are you doing two banners? One for each side? We all know that your colorful work will look great up there! I especially like the first one in this post for ideas.

  11. I have sewn many church banners. You didn't say if the banners were to be up all the time or just during different seasons of the church year. You also didn't say if they needed to be in liturgical colors or not. My church changes banners with the seasons, Advent, Lent, Easter, Pentecost etc. Those seasons have particular colors and subjects.
    I am also a pastor's spouse. If you AND the pastor's wife are new it could be helpful to have more people with input into the project as far as color and subject matter etc. Having more people will make the project go slower but you will be certain the resulting banners will be what many want and like. If your church has a governing board (mine is a church council) it would be helpful to have them on board.

    From my experience I know that there will be people that love, like and hate your work. They do not hesitate to share their opinions.

    1. All of the churches I have been a member of have a group of people that take care of the altar, communion, flowers and banners. If your church has a group like this it would be helpful having them on board.
      Bottom line do you have free reign with the project? Or does it need to have guidelines as far as color, subject matter and others input?