Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Things

I recently rearranged my studio and moved my work table to Dave's TV room for him to use as a drawing table. My plan was to use my big 3x5' table on bed risers for my work surface, and then move it to my machine for quilting. To make the Formica table into a pressing surface, I ordered a rug pad cut to fit. It's 3/8" thick and cost $29, free shipping. It is ugly but I knew that going in. I pillow-cased  it with canvas on one side and heavy white cotton on the other and added ties to the corners to keep it from slipping all over the place. And left one side open for easy removal for washing. Safety pins keep that end closed. The neat part is that it is easy to remove when I want to quilt and need a slippery surface.
 And after all these years, it finally dawned on me to hang my rulers right next to my table, so they are easy to find, use and don't get chipped falling off the table. Duh! Command hooks of course.

 What is really making me happy is this new waste can for the kitchen. We had a can under the sink, but the bag insert kept getting askew and constantly making it difficult to use, etc. Little annoyances. This will stay out, and has a feature that holds the bag in place under the lid, which opens with a pedal at the base. Genius! I knew you would love seeing my trash inside. ha!

It was the last one at the store, so they must be popular.

Update on the church banners....I think we have narrowed it down to two panels, for Advent, that are symmetrical and matching colors. OK!
And then another exciting bit. The Newton Child Development Center  here in Chattanooga needs 50 blankets for little kids under five. O PTL. This is just the project for the church sewing room to tackle. I'm thinking 36x54" and QAYG. I will make the prototype and enlist our sewing enthusiasts to play along. I'm excited. Lots of fabric has appeared in our sewing room and more keeps on coming. Wonders never cease.


  1. Love the pressing table idea! Smart. I work with a Project Linus group that make "9" strip quilts for under 5 years. 3 fabrics, 18"cuts; then cut (3) 6" strips x WOF, end up with a 40"x50" quilt.

  2. Banners for Advent - perfect.... get a taste of how they are "received" and can say it is only four weeks guys if it a dud.... next the 50 covers for kids.... I wish I lived closer.... the quilting is going to be the hang up on that project for some of the sewers but looking at the end of the project.... lots of happy kids is so encouraging.

  3. Great progress Melody, and the participation of so many sewers will make for a happy buzz... and they'll be quilting their little hearts out before they know what's happened to them - especially if there's coffee and cake to keep them going!! Community building at its best. Well Done Melody