Friday, December 1, 2017

Movin' Right Along

My studio, from this to this:

Now this can be restored to the Master Suite. We have a queen size bed waiting to move in here. A new area rug, a dresser and chair and voila, no one would know it was once a sewing room.
Everything got moved to the garage, and the dumpster. I continue to try and downsize. Today I scrubbed this floor and Dave power washed the exterior of the house. Now that the turmoil of local construction has slowed down, he got several layers of dirt off the siding and windows.

We are playing at staging the house for the sale. The big question was: Do we repaint the floors, white or gray, or have them refinished to stained wood to appeal to a wider audience? I invited our realtor over to ask his advice. He said just what I longed to hear. Do nothing. Allow in the sales price for the buyers to decide. I will get an estimate from the referred floor guy and go from there. What a relief.
Although it wasn't on my list of why we wanted to move, we found out that our taxes here in the hip South-side have doubled. Whoa. Phew.
Tonight we are crawling into bed early, after a dinner of brownie sundaes, with real whipped cream. We deserve it.


  1. Still closing on Monday?

    When do you start moving? Will you leave stuff behind for staging or take it all and use rentals?

  2. Yup, we are closing on Monday and will use some of our furniture for the staging, including a queen bed we currently have in the garage. We are getting a free 17 ft. moving truck on Thursday and Friday for the major stuff, and later after the house sells we'll rent a small van to bring over the staged furniture.

  3. Congratulations on your new home! I like it better than the current home. I loved your old house in the country and the new one reminds me of that so I hope you will be happy there.

  4. It is a lot of work to move! I am currently moving everything out of two bedrooms and the living room so I can get my floors refinished so I can feel your pain! I love the new rug. Where did you get it? My bedroom is black and white and that rug would look great in there.