Monday, December 11, 2017

Movin' Update

I've been waiting til everything is unpacked and ready to show you, BUT, it is taking a bit longer than I thought. The move went much quicker than I expected, mostly because we had already filled our garage with 70% of what needed to be moved. But where does it all go now?

 The studio is filled with mega-amounts of our stuff. Dave and I are sharing this room and it will be great, any day now. Actually I did get my machine set up and the fabric is now on the shelves, and we completed Dave's corner drawing table, shelves and supplies. Pictures to follow, I promise.
 The living room/eat in kitchen is looking much better than this now. The clothes were brought upstairs and hung, and I've cooked several meals and even made bread!
 The new refrigerator arrived on time, and yet we couldn't use it because the outlet in the wall didn't have power. We tried everything to remedy this situation and nothing worked. Then during the night it dawned on me to use a heavy duty extension cord plugged into the living room outlet. Voila it worked!
 In the interim, I set up a baking center, with laundry supplies and doggie food, just so I could find things faster...but it is hidden from the rest of the house, so it may just stay there.
 As predicted, the sunroom is the great hang out space. We got our old white couch back since I had lent it to my sister. It now has a red cover and that is also covered with a gingham table cloth, to collect doggie hair. This room is so cozy and bright. We've got the stereo going and on Saturday Dave set up the Christmas tree, which just fits the 12' ceiling. 

 Now here's where things get serious...Our downtown house was my dream home, but DREAM is the operative word. Reality was another story. I had such high expectations to have it this clean and neat and it was just impossible with the constant construction keeping dirt flying in the air, brought in by all of us. Then there was the open kitchen which got out of hand daily. Sometimes I just left it messy and locked myself in the studio, but then that's no way to live. I started resenting Dave for leaving dishes and food out and getting frustrated and angry. I became MEAN. But I didn't recognize the reason...seriously. I tried to be nicer, and it just didn't work. Poor Dave.

When Dave and I started playing at house looking, we were having fun together again and it was great. There was no declaration of why we should move, but it was obvious we would be getting more for less in some of the other homes we viewed.
And then we found this house and bought it the day it was listed on Zillow.
Suddenly, the mean Mel disappeared.
There is nothing perfect about this house. It has lots of boo-boos that need fixing, and is kinda like the Charley Brown Christmas tree.
Related image

So I have NO REGRETS about leaving the other house. Just relief.  I've apologized repeatedly to Dave about how I treated him downtown. We are already so much happier, even with the imperfections we keep finding here. We'll get 'em fixed, someday, but in the meantime we are loving the place and loving each other. And we just celebrated our 39th anniversary. How appropriate.


  1. Slowly but surely you will make the new house your own. It is interesting how this move has changed your mood. I am happy for you and Dave! Maybe my mood will be better once I get my house put back together.

  2. That's one little worried looking puppy face! Glad this house is more for you in so many ways.

  3. Ah! Another page turned in the book of life...and this is going to be a fun and happy story to be told. Isn't it amazing what our surroundings do to our personalities. Good you caught it early and now can have total peace in the new space!! Can't wait to see what spring brings to this garden and what art you produce for this day forward. Show some of Dave's art once in awhile?

  4. You live my dream life -moving and setting up a new space when ever!! Mr C says I like to move when the closets get full or the kitchen floor is dirty. I just wanted to check in about the non working outlet. We had this problem in a house in North Carolina. It seems the outlet in the kitchen was on the same circuit as the powder room which was off the adjacent hallway. the ground fault interupter in the bathroom had been tripped and shut off the circuit. I pushed the little red button and voila! every thing worked. Happy Chirstmas to the two of you.

  5. Half the battle is identifying the source of the problem. Who knew designing a custom home would cause more problems than it solved? Sounds like the new house is a great solution even though it isn’t “perfect.” Can’t wait to see it all done and moved in.

    You put up a tree in the midst of moving and unpacking? Really?

  6. Happy you all are moved and getting settled.

  7. Happy for you. I have lived in my house over 30 years and that is way tooooo looooong. I do hope you are finished moving as one day there will be no energy and that is really NO fun. What do the dogs think?

  8. Truly, the sneaky illusion of Pinterest-perfection has a lot to answer for.

    Life's messy, and it doesn't necessarily need to be cleaned least not moment-to-moment.

    Looking forward to seeing how you two make this new house your home. Thank you for your honesty.

  9. I have wanted to move for the last 5 years but my husband is rooted....and I know what you mean about mean...when the house gets out of shape (and trust me, I'm no perfectionist), I get mean, too. and then I apologize,as well. Your move is easing some of the tension around my own Not Moving.
    Meanwhile, I want to tell you that I've been baking bread lately and am in love with your flour storage units! Great solution not only for the volume required (add 10 cups of flour), but for visibility, access and storage...and (being an organization queen) I loved the containers for your yarn and sewing items...You've always been so generous with your advice and solutions and I've benefited (the design wall mount)....I'll enjoy watching you settle in and how you meet your setup and storage challenges...and love how you got Dave set up in his own corner of the work room.

  10. So happy for you, Mel, and for Dave too!

  11. I dont really know you except through this blog....and I really didnt understand the downtown didnt seem right to ME... So glad you are happier in your new digs!

  12. I love a story with a happy ending!

  13. I love a story with a happy ending!