Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Taming the Tools

Dave's old heavy tool boxes (AND OVERFLOW) which don't fit in our new tiny one car garage. Where did they end up? In the PANTRY! When a tool is needed  he says "I have just the thing" and 45 minutes later he might return with the right tool. Or not. 
This is an easy fix. I emptied all of his tool boxes onto the kitchen table, and filled plastic bins with related items. No doubt there would be duplicates. I would say he has over 50 screw drivers. Tons of pliers, wrenches, hammers, drill bits etc. There are two more boxes with SAE and metric wrenches, now neatly stored. It took only an hour to clear out the old boxes, and dispose of broken and useless bits, and out goes those awful, filthy, heavy, old, mostly broken boxes. 
I really don't think he will access these much, since we now have the Handyman Connection on retainer. Alberto the magnificent has already been here and assessed our immediate needs and will return to fix them on Tuesday next week. Sigh. What a wonderful service.
Here's the sewing room in its present configuration. The early morning sun comes into that window and shouts: "Let's sew!"


My overflow is now living in the downstairs shower. This house has three full baths, so this shower is never going to be used.
Speaking of baths, my laundry room is currently housed in that same tiny garage, which is cold and far away from our upstairs closets. You know that has to go. Alberto is going to fix this. The hall bath upstairs has as 50 year old tub which will also not be used, and it will disappear and the laundry twins will fill that space. Perfecto!
By the way, the electrician came and fixed the socket that the refrigerator would use, so the extension cord is gone and once again, we have a fix. Hurray!


  1. So Alberto is your Eldon! Remember Eldon, Murphy Brown's handyman? I sure could use an Eldon myself! The house is coming along very nice and you seem to settling in quickly.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. If you recall Eldon was supposed to paint a room. He painted that room for years. He never did finish. Kept changing the color and getting distracted by other things.

  2. Man, I need to find a service like your Handyman Connection locally.

    Then I need to win the lottery so I can afford to have done everything I want and am just not going to get around to doing myself.

  3. Nice! Our nearest Handyman Connection is in Phoenix, so guess I'll keep looking locally. Things are looking good at your new (old) digs!

  4. After getting it through me head that anything can done if willing to throw money at it and hire competent handymen life got a whole nicer around here. It keeps me from nagging at DH to get stuff done. He is finally on board with this. I like the sunshine coming in that window!! An thanks for idea for storing the tools. We have a shed out back but a girl needs tools in the house also!

  5. You are quickly whipping that new house into your home, and making it work for you. Sunlight and sewing are symbiotic. It looks like such a nice place in which to stitch. Happy new memories!

  6. Such an interesting floor plan. I love how you are adapting it to fit your lifestyle. I wonder if you could build an extension in front of the house so the garage is less tiny? You could maybe add lockable storage to the side of the house at the same time for garden stuff....Susan