Monday, January 22, 2018

Check it out

It's raining and I am happily sewing indoors. I needed a red and white quilt for our living room and here it is. Small and fun, and definitely just the right size for the wall space I have.

I keep looking for gingham fabric that is sturdy enough for seat covers and pillows and decided to try tablecloths. Bingo!
B01NGTXCPAI found these really great tablecloths on Amazon. The fabric is a heavy 100% cotton woven gingham and just what I needed. So far I have made slip covers for my chair and a throw pillow, and will sew two large tablecloths together for a summer bedspread.


  1. You are so creative!! Love, love, love red & white checks. So cheerful............

  2. The speed at which you make work and alter and change round rooms is amazing... from Northern Ireland