Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Coup de gras

 OK! This is the end of gingham decorating, I thought, but then I see that little window is still uncovered. I have more of the curtain fabric so I guess one more hour of gingham sewing and then I am finished. The beds are covered with two joined table cloths and they were 60x102 to start, so that worked out great. The pillow covers were from my initial tablecloth, 60x120, from which I got chair cushion covers, and another pillow cover. Pretty good deal since it all came from Amazon, practically overnight.
 Of course after taking these pics, I folded up the spread and put it away til the mud season ends. We have a blanket to cover us and it gets washed regularly. Clods of dried mud everywhere!
Now that house sewing is more or less finished, I have a desire to make a new shop coat. This is a combo of robe and all purpose cover-up to just wear while I work. My old one is about 15 years old.
Not in gingham...


  1. That is a lot of gingham! It looks so fresh and happy. Love the shop coat. It must be an old pattern since you said your old one is 15 years old. Do you have a pattern brand and number for it?

  2. Not sure what you mean by shop. Are you wearing this uniform while you sew? Gingham is such a homey comfort pattern making your mark on the new place.

  3. But, but... if you made a gingham shop coat, and it wasn't mud season, then you could truly loose yourself in your work.


  5. I laughed when I read about folding up your new bedspread because of mud season. I live in the country with 2 Australian Shepherd fur babies. I have a lovely bedspread too, it's folded in the closet. It only makes it on my bed if we know visitors are coming and will see upstairs. Otherwise old sheets that can be switched out every few days for washing cover my blankets. Love the fur babies, but wish I'd never let the "cute puppy" up on the bed. Love the new red car!