Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Garden Dreaming on Rainy Days

A little garden history...skipping some bits. In Hixson, the house before the previous one, I had a garden covered in wood chips with raised beds made from concrete blocks. I did this myself, altho Dave helped with the block buying, loading, stacking and pushing the wheel barrow. OK...we did it together. 
 The first year I used only one row high and decided that was a mistake and then added a second course, making the beds deeper/higher and easier to plant. Two courses made close to 15" of soil, enough to plant some trees and knock out rose bushes, without digging into the clay below.

Concrete block isn't glamorous but it is easy to afford which makes sense to use in the back yard. 
But now, I have a landscaper and will have to convince him that I really want to continue using concrete blocks for my raised beds and especially now that I have found BIGGER blocks!
The previous size was 8x8x16" and the bigger ones are 8x12x16" which makes the twin openings 9x5" instead of 5x5". That is a lot more space for the plants that I put in those openings and therefore more moisture and root space is available to the plant. Woowoo!  I went all the way to Georgia to see those blocks in reality, at a Home Depot 8 miles from home. hahaha.

 Rain has prevented anything else from  happening in the garden cleanup and so I am rethinking and re-imagining what it will all become. Sigh. Patience.


  1. I've had plans to put four raised beds in my front yard for about 5 years now. I was going to do wood (yes I know, it will eventually rot) but now I'm thinking maybe concrete block might be better. I haven't done a cost comparison. I know the block will be more expensive but in the log run will last a lot longer. Plus there is the option of putting some permanent plantings in the block holes while leaving the center of the planter for seasonal things. Still not sure which way I want to go. I also wanted to put some sort of seating around them to make them a little easier for working. The block would offer a much wider seat. But blocks are heavy and I might need to hire help, another expense. I think I could manage the wood by myself.

    What do you plan for irrigation? Will you be hand watering or installing some sort of irrigation system?

  2. Blocks are heavy but not that heavy. And they stack so neatly. The real issue is getting them delivered. Some stores don't so we made multiple trips in my little PT Cruiser. Still I was determined. $1.25 for the regular size and $1.99 for the 12" wide ones.
    I don't plan on irrigation, but will be using sprinklers and hose. Remember most of these will be in the shadier parts of the yard.

  3. Have you considered painting the concrete blocks? There are some pins on pinterest showing blocks painted to look like brick as well as stone.

  4. The plan is that the plantings overflow the brick and disguise the structure.