Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Garden Plan Prelims

We have one really sunny area, in front, so I hope to keep a lawn alive and green there. RB stands for red bud trees and dw stands for dogwood trees, two of my favorite trees both for the blossoms in Spring and their leaves and shape. I'd like to keep them in a mulched area with big flower pots between them.
 Then behind the sunny area is the shady yard where we will have a doggie fence with a gated arbor, like this:gated arbor - Google Search
This 3'  Welded Wire Fencing The 3 foot high wire grid doggie fence will be attached to the existing timbers but will have less visible uprights in the line between the house and the rest of the fence.
 Here is the view inside the yard. 

 The yard extends behind the house and is shady and full of dropping leaves and seed pods. The dogs will stay here, and we'll have a seating area that can easily be swept. Behind the fence we'll have a path surrounding and connecting all the parts of the yard. 
On the shady east side of the back yard, I hope to have a Japanese style garden with lots of ferns, hosta and other shade loving plants. O boy!


  1. Will the grass live under the shade of those trees?

    That looks like a slope. Will the bark float away down hill during heavy rains.

    You might consider having the fence on both sides of that really nice arbor gate also be matching fencing to it. It would make a great backdrop for roses (on the outside of the dog run) and other pretty flowers. A Don Juan climbing rose would look awesome over that arbor gate.

    Be careful what kind of bamboo you choose. The neighbors two doors down from my parents planted bamboo years and years ago and it has invaded their entire yard and into the next door neighbor's yard as well. Whatever kind it is, it is highly invasive and there is no way of getting rid of it.

    I love the idea of a Japanese garden. The paving area for extra seating too. Will you be putting any sort of fire pit there for evening gatherings?

  2. I'm sure you will be really glad you are hiring to get the grunt work done! Look forward to progress pix and lots of pix of blooms in your future!

  3. Oh good plan! You're going to have a beautiful garden, you're going to be posting progress aren't you?

  4. Oh yes, love to see this as it develops.

  5. So exciting! Looking forward to seeing how these plans come together.

  6. Great plans! I can't wait to see it as it progresses.

  7. I'm thinking the nice sunny area you have, won't be sunny for long once those trees start growing, but what the heck. Landscape plans are constantly evolving, and you could get tired of mowing grass.

    Love the Japanese garden plans, and have you considered invisible fence for the dogs? It works great for my daughter, and there is no maintenance involved with them. No maintenance can be a good thing.

    Enjoy developing your yard, and I'm looking forward to seeing the progress.