Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Now that my fabric stash is at a manageable level, I find myself thinking about new work. I am instantly drawn to the drawn line of these tiles. Very quilty, no? Each one would make a great quilt or the repeated motif in one.
Suzanne Sullivan ceramics
Suzanne Sullivan ceramics.

lisa hochstein
I am also inspired by the collages of Lisa Hochstein, using reclaimed paper. The edges are so important in the design and make it different than a pieced fabric work. But it could be fused and get a similar look. The layout of the elements are simple yet strong, something that always makes gets my juices flowing.
Camille Campignion, Dune terre à lautre...

Décor sgraffito sur engobe noir
© Camille Campignion, céramiste
The playful trees and houses are so fun and have me thinking of small scenes in fabric. Fused of course.
Cordula Kagemann
Shapes and texture not often seen in quilts, but tempting to try. Cordula Kagemann
So many great ideas are filling my brain. And the gardening is about to start soon too. What a wonderful life!


  1. Did you sell the house in Town?

    1. We got an offer today and accepted it. Closing March 30. Full of champagne at the moment. zzzzzzzz

    2. Are you making a modest profit?

    3. O yes we did, which just about paid for the time we lived there!

    4. YAY!! Crossing my fingers for you. Isn't it funny that two of us thought to ask you about the old place yesterday, and the day you signed the offer??! Meant to be! Here's to a quick sale and close!!

  2. Congrats on the sale of your house! And what great inspirations this post exudes! I love the designs you showed... I'm getting into mixed media lately, and Cordula's work really got my pulse racing! Thanks...

  3. Lisa Hochstein definitely quilts.

    But I'm looking at those tiles with the lines and thinking knitted afghan sampler. Or maybe crochet.