Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Under Contract

I'm happy to say we are under contract for our downtown house. Yay! 
While in theory it was my dream home, it was not such a dream in reality. Impossible to keep clean and noisy from the fire engines, ambulances and freight trains, no where to walk the dogs without fear of them getting loose and running into Main street traffic (happened more than once!) and just too trendy for it's own good. 
Can anyone live like this without a bottle of spray cleaner constantly at the ready?
We know from experience that deals can fall through (since we've done that twice already ourselves) we are hoping this one is a go, and we await closing at the end of this month, or sooner.
So I am feeling a bit philosophical.  Our current house may be our last (never say never) and it is far from perfect, but it is definitely quiet, homey, easy to keep clean and safe. I have enlisted a landscaper and we await the drying out of the yard to begin the massive transformation. 
What I have learned is that a home needs to be conducive to gathering, close enough to chat without moving furniture and/or shouting. There needs to be sunny rooms and shady porches, trees and plants that surround the yard to coax a stroll. I am so happy to have a cheerful spot with lovely clumps of jonquils and grape hyacinth currently in bloom. My potted hosta are coming up and some have even been transplanted into the front planter beds. A garden is really important to us.
My kitchen is just right for anything I might want to cook and not having to eat at a counter has made meals just so friendly and conversation inducing. And the studio has become the family room while still allowing for creativity. We are so happy.
So it was good to experience downtown living to learn what that actually meant. The sale price of that house wiped out the cost of that try out, like it never happened. Heehee.  



  1. So happy for you and Dave. I hope that all goes smoothly. Judith P.

  2. I had been wondering about the downtown house. Happy to hear it's progressing. Hope it all goes through.

  3. So happy you didn't lose anything in the adventure. Breaking even is always a relief.

    I'll bet some young couple with no kids and no pets that works downtown is going to love having a much shorter commute living in the stylish house that you made for them.

    With it under contract, now you can move over the last to the contents.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the yard.

  4. I think the whole world is purging their stuff and getting antsy for spring. I just got a call from The Bargain Box (a thrift shop) that someone just brought in 8 huge boxes of quilting books. We have more and more books, fabrics and patterns showing up on our free table at the guild meetings. So, spring where are you? Not in Wyoming yet. Oh, congrats on the contract...the waiting is awful so prayers are sent your way!!