Thursday, April 19, 2018

Garden Patio

 The patio garden is coming along at a quick pace and I couldn't be more excited. Three tiers of bricks on three sides will be filled with annuals, perennials and trailing plants. 
The pavers will be filled with polymeric sand today. Polymeric Jointing Sand is a high-tech mix of graded sand and binder, specially formulated for the filling of narrow or wide joints when installing pavers, slabs or natural stones, or when replacing existing joints. Unlike conventional sand, it stays in place . As you can see, the brick is missing in the corner, and I will be very interested to see how he manages that fix. 
  The plants are starting to collect in a big way, and yesterday I got a bunch via mail order, packed in a bag and stuffed into the mailbox. Not good. Many of the growing tips were damaged or destroyed, so I contacted the seller and will get them replaced. I will still plant what was ordered and see if they will take. Most of my mail order experience has been quite good, but one never knows.

 My friend Patsy gave me a very nice hellebore, or Lenten Rose and it has been very happy in this pot. I added a cranesbill geranium from the other house in that pot and dug up a small bleeding heart and brought it here. Must have bleeding hearts! I have pink and white and another must-have plant is the Celandine (or wood) Poppy. All work well in the shade.
Image result for celandine poppy

If you recall my post about Huglekultur, let me just say that I neglected to catch my landscaper before he scooped it all up and made a pile of it in the middle of the yard along with other debris. Nevermind.


  1. Wow that patio is going to be gorgeous! And what a great size! Your yard will be party-central all summer. Better have plenty of lemonade mix on hand. Keep posting picture as it progresses, especially about the corner.

  2. Bet he finds a small cinder block to fit that spot! All looks great so far, and I know you will enjoy the area when it's done!

  3. I love gardens and plants and enjoy reading about your garden plans and the plants you will be planting. Bleeding hearts are beautiful plants. So exciting for you!

  4. Today I will built my Huglekultur in the new raised bed. So happy to have this word as I have used the concept for about five years now. We are having rain tomorrow so need to finish several clean up and plant places...... Your yard is coming along.....

  5. That corner will be filled with half a block.

    I love the bleeding hearts. Yet another lovely plant (that my Mother loves) that won't grow here.

    I suppose you can get him to put the Huglekultur back. It hasn't been going long enough to slow things down.

    Thanks for the info on the polymeric sand. I have to rebuild a brick in sand patio (that was not constructed correctly 13 years ago) and I'll be looking for that when I have it redone.

  6. Oh your garden is coming along nicely and lots of plants all ready to plant out when the time comes. Your bleeding heart plants have me wondering if I can grow them again in our garden - do yours grow best in shade?

  7. I am still working on my Huglekultur. My cul-de-sac neighbors have been adding to the pile (they have no place except the trash for their leaves and trimmings so I offered my space to keep it out of the landfill) and I have 5 yards of dirt to toss on top. I still have a lot of debris in my yard to move to the Huglekultur before the dirt goes on.