Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Little Quilting / A Little Garden

 I took home some of the donated bow-tie blocks made from flour sack fabrics and other 30's prints. They were hand pieced and and some had only the bow tie part and no connecting fabric. I substituted fabrics I thought looked appropriate to finish them. The border blocks and fabric is all current. The finished size is 47x40"-ish.
 Before binding, taking advantage of the light from my studio window to show the quilting designs.

 The blocks are 6.5" square.

 The landscape guys are busy getting the ground ready for a big patio, 16 feet square, bordered by wide raised beds on three sides. It will take up most of the yard on that side. Don't fret, our lot is way bigger than I realized when we bought it. Now that some of the bamboo is gone, and weedy trees and brush is gone, the space is great and I have PLANS. 

 These bricks will be the patio floor surface.

 What I am really excited about is the concrete brick which are the bigger 12x16x8" blocks. That opening allows for a really good size container for plants. I can't wait!!!


  1. Are you sure all of the bamboo is gone and permanently? It can be insidious.

    That is going to be a great patio. And raised beds around it? Even better. Already planning for a table with umbrella and a grill?

    Even though little feed sack Calicos aren't your thing you still made that little quilt your own with the quilting.

  2. Ha ! I remember from a few houses back : you always have plans with plants !

  3. You did such a fabulous job working with those vintage fabrics…just charming!!