Friday, April 6, 2018

Knitwits Quilts

 Quilting has crept into the lives of the Knitwits of late. One of our longtime members and KW founder, Martha, had donated her fabric stash and following her example a new member Betty did the same. Both had worked at fabric or quilt shops back in the day so we have a bunch of vintage fabric in our stash. How fabu! Martha was in 'need' of a table runner, and I kept promising to help her design one, but it just never happened, as I was distracted by other projects. Finally I suggested I would be happy to make it for her and she agreed. My quilting/knitting BFF Patsy and I met one Tuesday last week and team sewed this top and it was finished in less than three hours. We had a blast and I can see us doing this team sewing stuff again. We were so efficient! hahahah. Only had to unsew a  couple of times.
I took the top home and procrastinated for a week and finally got it done. We used the pattern Totally Tulips on Youtube.

 Then Sandy, an excellent sewer-KW member but doesn't knit, brought in four finished quilts from Betty's vintage donated blocks.  (Sorry for the spotty pics. When I got home I saw that I had spray starch on my lens!). I got so excited that I brought home some more bow tie blocks from that treasure trove and will play with them today.

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