Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Seedling Progress

 The plant collection, so far. At this point, I have no place to plant these babies, but my landscaper Nick is coming next Monday to get the garden ready for me, and I can hardly wait. I am only buying 'bargains' at this point, altho I am awaiting a mail order of plants from Michigan Bulb which are more or less regular priced goodies. I did invest in one pricey plant, a geranium praetense, a dark leafed purple hardy geranium.
Geranium pratense 'Dark Reiter' | Fine Gardening
 The little basil and blue bedder sage seedlings are doing quite well and I am putting them out daily to harden off.
In this saucer I am pre-sprouting Hyacinth bean seeds, a great flowering vine which I have been growing in all my TN gardens since one of my readers sent me seeds.
Hyacinth bean vine
In these buckets I have Cinnamon Fern and Ostrich Fern, which I am pretty excited to grow. I have lots of wet shady areas to let these fill with their leafy goodness.

 Two little baggies of hosta sprouts, Big Blue, which they are anything but. Just roots and a tiny shoot each. I believe they will be big plants before long. Home Depot had a plant sale on the weekend so I got flats of begonias, vinca and marigolds. 

This bucket holds 5 Peony roots and I chose Bowl of Beauty because the flowers don't topple over as quickly as the multi-petaled varieties. Van Zyverden Peonies Bowl Of Beauty- Roots (3-Set)

 These are pink Bleeding Heart roots. Pretty ugly but ready to become lovely flowers, as soon as I can get them planted. I want bleeding hearts for my new place. I had them at the side of my first house, and they were so nice!
On a different note. I brought this quilt to church to get some good photos on our design wall. This Friendship Star quilt is going to be a part of a fundraiser for Hope House, a Presbyterian outreach center at the University of TN Chattanooga.


  1. Hi Melody, I am the reader who sent you the Hyacinth bean seeds and am glad to hear they are still among your favorites. I am still growing baptista just have white right now but I want to plant the blue this season as well. Our season in IL is still about 4 weeks behind yours in TN but there is a 70 in the current weeks forecast, a relief after yesterdays snow.

  2. Love seeing the plants. Here in Wyoming things are still brown and leafless. Intermittent high winds, snow and sunshine (yesterday and today.) They say don't plant your beans until the snow is off the Pryor Mountains....that might be the middle to the end of May....(sigh here). Then our local nursery shuts down July 4th when things are really hot. Please keep posting pictures of the yard progress so we enjoy "spring".

  3. My Mother loves bleeding hearts. Unfortunately they do not grow here.

    Those Hyacinth bean plants look very interesting. I may have to look them up.

    That is a gorgeous quilt!

  4. That's a gorgeous quilt; I hope it raises the money it deserves.

    Your plants are reminding me of those I grew up with (Pacific NorthWest), but don't see anymore in southern California. Trade-offs...

  5. Your "so far" looks like hours and hours, days and days of transplanting........

    Every time you talk of quilts and church I get jealous. They insist there is no room for quilters.....

  6. Love the star in upper right quadrant--it looks as if it is twirling in a sunbeam on a casement window sill. I just want to study it to figure out how you did it. All hand-dyed fabrics, or some printed? I have a friendship star a friend made me in memory of my sister after she passed two years ago. I've been trying to figure out how to use it in a wall hanging, and this would capture her joy of life and transition from us. Thank you for the inspiration. Your quilt is beautiful, and your flowers embody hope.
    Joan from Missouri

  7. I would like to bid on the wall hanging as funds are raised. Is that possible? Please let me know. Thank you. Rhonda.michalek@comcast.net

  8. It is exciting to see your garden taking shape at the seedling shape and oh those paeonies!! They are absolutely stunning!