Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Design

My new design harkens back to the Mitered Diamond jackets which I began making in 2013. I made and sold 18 versions and I always thought about making one that would work as a vest. This model leaves off the sleeves and the collar. Knit from a combo of Taiyo silk/cotton and two merino wools. Sized to fit a taller figure, and with a looser fit than my other jackets. Bust/hip measurement is 54" so I would say a good roomy fit for a 44-48" bust. Length is 30". Offered for $75 plus shipping to the US. Email me.
 This version is a little looser and longer in the back, which makes it nicer, imho, when sliding into a car, or walking on a cold morning. It may only be August, but here in TN school has started and I am knitting like it is midwinter. For once I designed a knit for a taller (than me) woman.  Pictured here before I sewed on the buttons and buried all the loose ends.
Betty W. is modeling it for me, and she is about 5'10". We both are Knitwits and Thursday is our regular meeting day. She was just the person who could show me how this looks in real life. She wants me to tell you that she wishes she hadn't worn that checked shirt. I gave her no warning that she would be modeling.

 Betty on he left and Diane J on the right.


  1. I am not a knitter but this is gorgeous! And the models are pretty darn cute

  2. I wear the sleeved version from you so much, we're in Winter and it's so cosy to slip on and keeps me so warm. I always have people stop me and ask where I bought it!!

  3. Melody,I'm in love with the jacket and vest. Do you offer the pattern for sale?