Thursday, October 25, 2018

Now We're Talkin'

 Now We're Talkin' collage #6, 12x12", painted, stamped, mono-printed papers with acrylic paint and inks. Watercolor paper mounted on wood panel, painted edges. $100 Email me.

 The secret to doing art, if there is any secret, is to just keep doing it until something works, and then you're in the zone and it will continue to get better from there. I am so happy to be back in that zone. 

 Collage is an additive art, and that is also like the fused quilting that I make. One has a bunch of material and selecting just the right pieces to use is the trick. Then limiting the fussiness is next. I've held back overdoing things on this one and I am satisfied with the result. 


  1. Beautiful! I too am so happy you are back in the zone :-)

  2. Do you have any 10 inch boards.... would love to get one to fit the same space as my first....????