Monday, November 5, 2018

New Knit and Collages

Hilary's pullover, from Taiyo and Fibranatura Merino. She's tiny and recently got tinier, so this little topper will be adorable on her. Going to British Colombia.
Here we have my artful mess of new painted papers. It dawned on me that if I wanted to change from making all turquoise/green/yellow collages, I had better make some new papers that were different colors.
So using my new little gelli plates, I painted, stamped, and mono-printed a bunch.

Red Collage #1, 10x10", painted papers, drawing, stamping, mono-printing, mounted directly on wood panel, with collaged edges. $100 Email me Sold.
It occurred to me today that we never got to do this sort of thing in art school. Why ever not? It is so much fun and really teaches so much about composition, color theory, design, pattern, etc. etc. Thankfully, I have had years of quilting under my belt which informed all of these pieces, which, by the way, quilting was never 'allowed' in art school either. I mean my whole art career was not even mentioned. Good thing I found it later.

Red Collage #2. Same techniques, same size panel same price. It was searching for something else, when I discovered a box of Caran d'ache oil wax crayons. They were sent as a freebie when I ordered something else, and remained untouched until now. They are pigment saturated, unlike other crayons and make wonderful marks. Those turquoise bits are from that box.
You may note the curved pieces in this collage and that was a bit of my fabric fusing past coming into the design. O boy, now I am onto something!

 Red Collage #3, same techniques, same size, same price. As with fused fabric, everything collage is usable and I had shapes cut already from #2, so wham-o, I picked them to make this piece. I am seriously trying to simplify, and have some quieter areas of in the composition.

 The wrapped edge. (In the 60's I worked for a gift wrap mfg. company. It all comes around).


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  1. You're right-so much to be learned by working in collage, and yet so satisfying!