Thursday, December 20, 2018

#2 Necklace Offerings

It's not too late to get these last minute gifts for someone you love, like YOU! Email me.
Rainbow Rolled Beads, $25 +$4 shipping. SOLD

 Black Knots and Spikes, $20 + $4 shipping.
Faux Malachite Knots and Quartz, $25 +shipping.
 Red, Blue, Purple Spikes, $25 + $4 shipping
 Rainbow Spirals #1, $25 +$4 SOLD
Rainbow Spirals #2, $25 + $4 shipping. SOLD

1 comment:

  1. Hi Melody, love this new directon you've taken with necklaces! I have never worn anything like these but do LOVE them and have a question or two. Are they fragile? How long do they hang around the neck? What is the weight? I am drawn to the Black & Spikey one...