Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Beads and Bowls

How about some GOLD? Draped gold leaf pendant with coordinating triangular tube dangle earrings.

 Half Moon necklace with crystal beads and Full moon drop earrings.   $35 for either set, $4 shipping. Email me.

 And a new bowl, 9 inches in diameter, and this time I tried to maintain the same motif, with varying success. I still managed to run out of slices near the edge, which means adding pieces from previous canes. Let's agree that this is as close as I may ever get to consistent. 
 An example of the the filling-in additions. O well, proof I am not a robot.

 And my friend Mary had these triangular bead trays, and I went to Hobby Lobby and got some for myself. Great for used tea bag drip trays, which we all need. Ha! 3.25" per side. 


  1. I like the filling in additions! It gives the bowl even more interest.

  2. Yes I so agree with the comment from Patty a. I get bored when I read a piece of work with a look, I like finding the surprises in work and then one has to look more in case one is missing something. Irene in Northern Ireland